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Earlier this year my son and I purchased a couple of tree stands from a sports mans web site. We got burned real bad . the stands were sub par, not like the picture on line. The workmanship and design was terrible . I purchased two WARRIOR PRO model: LS0100 big game ladder tree stands . I was amazed at the quality, design and workmanship put into these stands. The assembly instructions and assembly went flawless with all parts included. My hats off to you guys for supplying a quality product that is very well designed with the hunter in mind. PS. I got one buck off of it last weekend and going next weekend to do it again. THANKS

Anthony StrolloBrooksville, FL

I am a Bow hunter and have been hunting in one of my areas in a wooden stand that my son and myself built a few years ago . I have taken a few deer out of that stand over the years . I am selective in the deer I take , has to be a nice size doe or a decent buck. Anyway this year the deer (I am after) have been busting me .
So I decided to buy a ladder style stand and position it away from where they bust me. I purchased your Warrior Pro at Dunams in Warren, MI on 10-18-16.
My son and myself set the stand in the area where I felt I had my best chance for a shot on 10-19-16 at noon . I decided to stay out of that area for a day and then try my new set up out !! Had high winds for 2 days did not see anything . I was ready to try one of my many other spots on Sunday 10-23-16 afternoon the the wind died down (was not supposed too). Finally might see some deer. That night hunt was a really good had 2 decent does come by me about 35 yards out no shots, but the deer had know idea I was there. Next morning nothing but wind was right so I has confident about the evening hunt . Get to my stand about 5.00 ( I hunt at least 2 hours at a time usually more) expecting to see or hear them come thru about 6.00 . Around 5.15 here comes a small one hangs out for about 15 minutes leaves in one of there normal paterns. So I am pumped its early and should see some more. 5 minutes later see another deer coming down the trail I take in , I am thinking its the little one . I usually put 2 or 3 drops on one of my boots to lay a sent trail down and mask any of my sent that might be left . Anyway Its a decent size doe (a shooter) sniffing my sent trail . It about 15 feet away not yards . I am thinking I gotta shoot this deer before it tries to come up the stand. She turned and gave me the shot . What a hunt !! I harvested a very nice doe. Gotta say if it was not for the new stand & location who knows when and if I would of had a shot this season at this spot. I am really exited because the rut is just started and I will be in that stand late next week. There is huge doe still around there with little ones . Bring the bucks .
Thanks again for a fine product at a super price . I will let you know if I or my friends get another deer out of that stand.

Keith DeMaeghtWarren, MI

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